My name is Samy and I like to draw. Yaaaas.

Drag the Photo
What a tragic mess you fools have made of this
The soul’s filled with vacancy.You’ve spoiled all the crops and seed.This was a birth, a gift. You daftly wasted it.The dust and dirt will stain your fists.You can’t escape your own skin.Every creation is plucked from a boundless hole of perception,Doomed to endure flaws of its fountain.The boy will one day cross the mountains.And reunite this world’s divided halves, fulfill their history.This is more than divine decree, it’s his destiny
Oh, how I adore Razia’s Shadow and out of all the songs, I think this one fits best. Give it a listen if you haven’t already. But, yeah!
Since the drag is quite small, what it says on the shadow is
The choices he made that day, to burn down what he’d help createYou have made this bed, now you must sleep in it 
  • 4 May 2012
  • 692